How it works?

How Smart Honeypot Works?


Secret tactics

A known honeypot system can be detected by adversaries and bypassed. A fundamental feature of any honeypot system is to be hidden from eyes of attackers. That’s why we keep Smart Honeypot tactics secret!

Smart Honeypot is custom made and is armed with undisclosed techniques to lure attackers revealing their actions.

Ghost sensor

We take away the risk of running a honeypot within your network by tunnelling all the honeypot traffic to our Cloud-based Smart Honeypot.

Effectively, your honeypot host on the network acts as a proxy and attackers in reality interact with our Cloud-based Smart Honeypot. You can also have a full Smart Honeypot deployed within your network.

Customisable dashboard

By default Smart Honeypot comes with a customisable dashboard that shows attackers activities in real time as they proceed with their intrusions.

Furthermore, Smart Honeypot the captured data is in a standard JSON format that can be integrated with many log aggregators or SIEM solutions (e.g. Splunk).

Simple to deploy

You only need a (virtual) host with an Internet connectivity. By only running a few basic commands (or one auto-run script) your Smart Honeypot Ghost Sensor is ready.

You can place your Smart Honeypot host anywhere in your network (e.g. DMZ, internal network, etc.).

Easy to manage

One of the main hassles of any honeypot system is management and maintenance over the time.

As we moved away all the complexity of running a honeypot to our managed Cloud-based Smart Honeypot, There is almost nothing you need to worry about.

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Why do I need a honeypot?

Commonly, a honeypot system is known to lure and profile attackers. This greatly underestimate the true power of a honeypot system. A honeypot system can increases cost of a successful compromise therefore it can protect your environment, can be used to blacklist attackers access to your other system, and can save resources for real users.

What sort of attacks are captured?

Any interaction with Smart Honeypot is considered as suspicious. There are both high-interactive and low-interactive services run by Smart Honeypot.

What is the problem with a known honeypot system?

A fundamental feature of any honeypot system is to be stealthy, otherwise an attacker detect its presence and will prepare a counter. Smart Honeypot is custom made with innovative and undisclosed strategies to hide its presences from attackers and makes it ideal to profile them.

What if my real users interact with Smart Honeypot?

If they are real users there is no incentive for them to continue their interactions with Smart Honeypot unless they have malicious purposes! Additionally, any real user activity can be spotted through Smart Honeypot dashboard.

Can I use Smart Honeypot for my internal network?

Yes, you can. This is indeed one of the best ways to discover suspicious internal activity that typically not being picked by a security system (or discover a malicious insider). ISPs, universities, hotels, public WiFi providers can benefit the most from an internal Smart Honeypot.

What kind of data is collected by Smart Honeypot?

Like any other host within your network, Smart Honeypot captures the traffic that it receives. Therefore, it depends where Smart Honeypot host is deployed in your network.



Custom Smart Honeypot

Multiple Ghost Sensors

Real-time Dashboard Access

On/Off-site Data Storage

We're growing and experimenting different avenues to expand the Smart Honeypot. We're in look out for participant within different sectors to offer our Smart Honeypot VIP plan.

Click on the ‘Invite me’ button and let us know how and where you are planning to use Smart Honeypot. We will assess all the applications and will be in touch if you have been nominated for our VIP plan.

If you are running or part of a CERT organisation, a VPS/Cloud/Hosting provider, or managing a university network, we are actively looking to offer our VIP plan to your sector.

Access to our VIP plan is free of charge.

Smart Honeypot

A honeypot intelligence system that is simple to deploy and easy to manage. It is armed with undisclosed tactics to lure attackers revealing their activities